What Is Coaching?

Life coaching is unlike therapy because it does not focus on examining nor diagnosing the past. Instead, coaching focuses on effecting change in a person’s current and future behavior. Life coaching is a professional co-creative relationship between coach and client, is designed for your growth, and is directed toward accomplishing your goals. Through this special ongoing relationship, clients take action steps and become progressively more empowered in the realization of their personal visions, goals and desires.

My purpose as your coach is to be 100% focused on YOU, as you move forward, to assist you in challenging yourself, and to help you celebrate your achievements along the way. Your first challenge will be to make the commitment to invest in becoming your best self.

Together we will:

  • Identify your goals
  • Identify the obstacles and barriers that are keeping you from reaching your goals
  • Find the best approach to eliminating those obstacles and creating a cornucopia of exciting possibilities

My commitment to you:

  • Be as excited and committed to your goals as you are
  • Take the time to challenge you to define what a winning life means to you
  • Hold you accountable to make sure you live up to your full potential
  • Provide support and structure to help you accomplish more than you thought possible
  • Keep you better focused to produce results more quickly
  • Always be honest and direct
  • Maintain strict confidentiality

In closing, the coaching process will help you learn more about who you really are and what makes you tick, what your core values are, and how best to live by them.