About Valerie

My background includes over 3 decades of helping people meet their goals, achieve their potential, and find real-world solutions to the many obstacles and challenges in the journey called life. My academic background includes a Certificate in Adult Human Services and extensive course work in psychology, sociology, and human services.

I continue to be an avid student of the healing arts with studies in meditation techniques, positive psychology, and spiritual awareness. Along my diverse career path, in addition to my profession as a Life Coach, I have been a health care worker, a mentor at a girls home, a counselor at a boys club for “at risk” teenage youth, and a human resources leader at several professional services firms.

No less important in shaping my world view and honing my coaching skills has been my own experience in raising my children along with my husband, and now serving as a role model and mentor to my adult children and their families. In addition to my wealth of real-world experience that I bring to my Life Coaching is a strong intuitive approach to understanding each individual’s unique perspective and obstacles to achieving their personal goals.